ZB-6040 4-Channel Universal Piezo Injector Driver

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  • 4-Channel Universal Piezo Injector Driver
  • 4-Channel Version of ZB-6201
  • All kind of Piezo Actuated Injector Adaptable
  • Driving Voltage Profile Shaping by PWM
  • Analog Control Part Independantly Seperated on Each Channel
  • Stand Alone Injector Driver ( no needed PC )
  • Low Noise Design
  • Driving Voltage Digital Setting : 15 ~ 200V DC
  • Maximum Peak Driving Current : 100A
  • Driving Frequency Digital Setting : 10 ~ 200 kHz
  • Driving PWM Pulse Duty Ratio Digital Setting : 0 ~ 100 %
  • Almost No Delay of Voltage Rising Start after the External Signal Input ( under 1 micro second on sensitive setting condition)
  • Charging and Discharging Duration Digital Setting : 0.1 micro second interval
  • Easy to Change the dV/dt Driving Voltage Profile
  • Charging and Discharging Current Value Analog Setting
  • Driving Voltage and Current Monitoring Signal Output ( Oscilloscope needed )
  • Simple and Very Easy to Use
  • Good Chioce for Professional Piezo Actuator Stack Developers or Piezo Actuated Injector Researchers


The Universal Piezo Injector Driver ZB-6040 drives Piezo Injectors from supplied external 5V TTL injection signal, and there is no Injection Signal Generating Module on itself.

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